WU-TANG T Shirts

Got some T’s done from my WU design, out now over at the Dilate store

You can check out a quick article about them over here at iloveyourtshirt.com too

wu T square

sir Tom Waits

Tom Waits poster


New illustration


digi prints here, T’s soon…

“Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better”, wise words by Albert Einstein. New illustration

Look Deep Into Nature

Grand Opening

So much love to all involved with Assembly House Studios; all you studio holders, all the friends who pitched in for free, everyone who donated equipment and materials, all the acts who played for us, and to everyone who came along to the grand opening last week. Here’s some shots from the evening, 35m 3200 ISO

Assembly House Opening08Assembly House Opening30 Assembly House Opening25 Assembly House Opening28 Assembly House Opening14 Assembly House Opening06

The Space

Some shots I took of the Assembly House studio space after the renovation, before we started working in there.

assembly house main studio 1 small assembly house main studio 3 small assembly house main studio 4 msall assembly house main studio 5 small



Assembly House Studios

Been quiet on the artwork front lately as all my energy’s been going into a new project… Assembly House Studios is a newly-renovated artist-run studio within an old Victorian textiles mill. Myself and a group of other graduates from Leeds have been getting our hands dirty for the last few months clearing, cleaning, painting and building a space for ourselves. For more details about the project, check out the website

Assembly House Opening36 Assembly House Opening39 Assembly House Opening44 Assembly House Opening45 Assembly House Opening48 Assembly House Opening49 Assembly House Opening53 summer 201303 summer 201305



All shots my own, 35mm…stupidly out of date film. Studio-porn shots to follow

Assembly House Studios is kindly supported by East Street Arts

The lost roll…

Just found a roll of film from last summer that I forgot to develop. Had no idea what was on it but it turned out to be a load of snaps from the last days of uni…

End of Uni25 End of Uni32 End of Uni18 End of Uni20 End of Uni15 End of Uni12 End of Uni05 End of Uni07 End of Uni01

New Gear #3

3rd new T out today,

re-print of a drawing from a while back. If you didn’t manage to cop one of the original screenprints now’s your chance.

Inked up by hand in Leeds, courtesy of the crew at Dots Printhaus

100% Organic ringspun cotton, £20. Buy it here

2 Girls 1 Housefire composite s

New Gear #2


Jumpin’ on the crystal-meth bandwagon both feet first.

Handprinted by Dots Printhaus meth-chemist style using Discharge inks to bleach on the design.

Cop it here

Heisenberg Tshirt s