The visual Alchemy of distilling images to their Archetypal forms

‘Kids’. Charcoal on Fabriano Paper, 2000mm x 800mm
‘Lilith’. Charcoal and Aerosol on Fabriano Paper. 2200mm x 1200mm
‘Soldier I’. Mixed Media on Fabriano Paper. 1800mm x 2200mm
‘Him’. Charcoal on Fabriano Paper, 1800mm x 1400mm
‘Soldier II’. Photo Collage, 420mm x 297mm
Photopolymer etching masks
‘Masks’. Photopolymer Etching on Archival Paper, 420mm x 297mm
‘The Kids Are Alright’. Photopolymer Etching on Somerset Stock, 420mm x 297mm
‘Extended Family’. Ink on Tracing Paper, 297mm x 140mm
‘She’. Pencil and Graphite on Bristol Board, 420mm x 297mm