St. Margaret of Antioch

Patron saint of expectant mothers and difficult births, swallowed whole by a dragon and worshipped for reductions of sin and escape from devils. Equated with the sea as st. Marina and the ancient Aphrodite, st. Margaret is invoked in the Hansel and Gretel opera’s ‘Lost Children’s Prayer’
Amongst  the ruins of Antioch on the modern Turkish-Syrian border, an apocryphal fable from the ancient world unfolds on the same stage as a contemporary tragedy of escape from devils and the deliverance of lost children.


St Margaret Syria Motherhood Ink Drawing


St Margaret Syria Refugee Ink Drawing


St Margaret Syria motherhood Ink Drawing


St Margaret Syria Buildings Ink Drawing


St Margaret Motherhood Ink Drawing


3 x 1220mm x 2200mm mixed media ink drawings on board.

As part of the ‘St. Margaret and the Dragon’ Group exhibition, Left Bank Leeds, September 2018.